Why 2:1 Diet Works?

A plant-based diet is the easy way to give your health a boost, lose weight and feel great. Based on extensive nutrition research, the 2:1 diet is all about shifting the balance and putting plant-based foods first. It’s not about giving up meat, fish and dairy products.

2:1 diet

You’ll eat:

  • More super-nutritious vegetables and whole grains.
  • Less sugar, salt and fat.

It’s this simple shift towards more plant foods that’s the key to reducing the calories you eat. And here’s the best bit:

  • You’ll be eating more food for fewer calories.
  • So you’ll never be hungry while you lose weight.

The 2:1 diet is all about shifting away from more calorie-laden food, such as meat, dairy and other animal foods, and replacing them with less caloric plant foods such as vegetables, grains, pulses and nuts. Plant foods have the added bonus of being packed with super-nutrients such as fiber, to help manage your digestion.

Plant foods are also the best way to get all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you need for your immune system.

It’s so easy!

Put plant foods first, filling at least two-thirds of your plate with them. Smaller portions of fish, lean meat, eggs or dairy should make up no more than one-third of your plate – and stick to a maximum 80g meat per portion. That way you’ll be eating healthier portion sizes.

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