5 Nutritious Foods Your Body Needs

Eating healthy foods is an important part in having a healthy body. Eating the right amount and kinds of foods will help us maintain a healthy weight and reduce risk of sickness. If you are eating healthy, it will also reflect to your skin. Here are some nutritious foods your body needs:

  1. Fruits
    Fruits help us make our skin glow and maintain our body healthy. Every adult should eat 2 cups of fruit every day. Try to have fruits every meal as a dessert.fruits
  2. Grains
    We are advised to eat 5 to 7 ounces of grains per day. You can choose whole wheat bread and pasta. If you love to eat rice, you can choose brown rice. You can also choose oatmeal and whole wheat cereal for breakfast.grains
  3. Vegetables
    Vegetables are the same with fruits. It will help us maintain our good health. You can get nutrients from it. You should aim to eat 3 cups of vegetables per day. To make it more nutritious, try to eat a variety of colors when selecting veggies.vegetables
  4. Protein
    Protein is also needed for us to have a glowing skin. Try to have meat, seafood, beans, nuts, and eggs in one of your meals.proteins
  5. Dairy
    Dairy helps us have strong bones. We are advised to intake 3 servings of dairy per day. You can drink milk. You can also put cheese on your food and snacks. You can also have yogurt. Choose a dairy product which is low-fat or fat-free.dairy

Eating nutritious food is very important. You will do a lot of things if you are healthy.
Maintain your good health and be happy.

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