5 Types of Depression

More than just a spell of melancholy blues, clinical depression is a grave unsettling influence that frequently upsets a man from doing every day exercises.


Patients who suffer from clinical depression need all the support they can get, including whatever medical approach might be advisable. It can be risky to ignore depression because in some cases when left untreated it can be life-threatening.

Some describes depression as “having a terrible pain without knowing where the pain is located, fear without knowing why and, worst of all, absolutely no desire to talk about it. There are a number of treatments for depression, varying according to the symptoms and the severity of the illness. Many people may be helped by their family physician, but some need more specialized treatment. The doctor might prescribe antidepressant medication or recommend some other form of assistance. Some people have experienced good results with herbal medications, dietary adjustments, or a controlled exercise program.

The effectiveness of any particular medical approach depends on what type of depression a patient has.

Major depression has symptoms that are severe enough to last six months or longer if untreated and that impact on most aspects of a sufferer’s life.
Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. Sufferers may experience emotional extremes that careen between prolonged episodes of intense hyperactivity (manias) and devastating lows (depressions).
Dysthymia has depressive symptoms that make it difficult for the patient to function normally. Some may also experience intermittent periods of major depression.
Postpartum depression is a debilitating emotional condition that affects many mothers after they give birth.
Seasonal affective disorder likely occurs as a result of a lack of sunlight during autumn and winter. It usually clears up during spring and summer.

What can depressed ones do to treat and cope with this upsetting disease?

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