7 Tips on how to Choose an Outfit that Suits

Wearing suitable clothes is very important because it will tell others what kind of person you are. As time goes by, style changes. Sometimes what was the trend years ago may no longer be the trend today. Clothes will enhance your beauty so you must choose an outfit that suits you. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Determine the shape of your body
    Stand and watch yourself in front of the mirror. Are you tall, petite, or slim? Are you more curvier? Once you can determine your body shape, you will be able to choose an outfit that suits you. Here are some steps on how to determine your body shape.body shapes
  2. Determine your hair color and skin tone
    Examine your hair. Do have a black or brown hair? A brunette or blonde? Once you can determine your hair color, you will be able to choose a color for your clothes appropriately.hair and skin color
  3. Choose a clothing size
    Choose a size that makes you comfortable wearing it. Do you like your skirt above the knee or below the knee? Do you like to have loose or fitting clothes? You can also choose your clothing size based on your body shape.clothing size
  4. Learn to accentuate
    It’s better to accentuate your upper torso rather than your waistline. A person will mostly look on the face, not on your body. You can V-necks to make a slimming line or you can have an empire waistline with your dresses.accentuate your dresses
  5. Learn how to wear jeans
    Don’t put too many things in your pockets, it’s not good to look at. Wear jeans that fits your body.choosing jeans
  6. Choose a suitable color
    Shorter women look good with solid colors. You can wear blue jeans with a blue top. It will also make you look slimmer. Medium tones of color enhance your fair complexion.choosing colors
  7. Choose accessories appropriate for your clothes
    Choose a necklace or a scarf that suits your clothes. Accessorize artistically.accessorize

Now that you know how to choose a suitable clothes for you, try to apply these tips. It will make you more fashionable and stylish in a simple way.

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