Artistic Nail Arts for Beginners

Did you know that our nails are made of dead cells, just like your hair? People might give too much attention on their skin and hair, but most of the time neglect the nails. Nails are also very important  on our body. It’s very difficult for us to do even simple things without it. Imagine yourself scratching without your nails, picking up a penny from the ground. It also protects our fingers and toes. Why not give your nails some life by giving them some colors? Are you thinking about nail art? Get ready for some manicure magic. Don’t worry if it is your first time to give yourself a manicure, here are some nail arts for beginners:

nail art 1

You can achieve this nail art by using two different nail polishes. You can add some rhinestones if you want.

nail art 2

You can have this nail art during special occasions. It looks so cute and girly.

nail art 3

This nail art is good for summer. Wear this nail art when going to the beach.

It’s now time to turn your plain transparent nails into something colorful. Make your nails girly and fashionable. You don’t have to be a master artist to make your nails look like a masterpiece!

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