Beachy Waves With a Headband for This Summer

When we think of warm weather, we think of easy, breezy wavy hair. Beachy waves look is a universally adored beauty look from red carpet stars to the everyday beauty lover. Some require heat tools, others time and each creates a slight variation on the wavy texture theme. Here is another way of creating beachy waves with a headband.

beachy waves

  1. Make your hair damp and clean.You can apply any products that you want. It could be a texturizing spray.
  2. Get a sports headband and put it on your head like a boho headband.
  3. Take sections of hair and twist it.Wrap it around the headband. Do this again and again until all your hair is wrapped.
  4. Blow dry your hair.
  5. After your hair is dry, remove the headband.

Shake your hair out. There you have a great beachy waves!

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