Ceiling Fan Painting for this Summer

It’s a fun, bright, and hot season. It’s great to bring the summer into our house. In this hot season, we are dying to have a fan to make our places cool. Ceiling fan painting is one easy way to add color to where it is most often neglected – on the ceiling. It’s good to have lots of color inside the house to make our house bright and colorful. Here’s how to do this ceiling fan painting.

ceiling fan


  • Ceiling fan with white blades
  • Pencil
  • Roll of 1-inch-wide masking tape
  • 5 colors of 2-ounce bottles acrylic paints , one color for each blade
  • 1-inch foam paint brush
  • Water-based sealer


  1. Remove fan blades from fan and clean thoroughly.
  2. Starting from metal ornamental edge, use a pencil to make marks at 1-inch intervals along both edges of the blade. Repeat on all blades.
  3. Place first piece of tape between first and second marks and around sides of blade. Then place tape at every other mark. The tip should have masking tape over it. Repeat on all blades.
  4. Paint fan blade with two to three thin coats of acrylic paint in unmasked areas, remembering to paint sides of the blades. Let dry between coats. Repeat with a different color on each blade. Let dry.
  5. Remove tape. Brush one to two coats of water-based sealer on entire surface and side edges of blades. Let dry. Put blades back on fan.
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