How to Get a Good Facial Cleanser?

A good cleanse is crucial for making skin of any age look fresher, brighter and better. Simply put: money spent on a cream or serum is wasted if you apply it over dull skin that hasn’t been cleansed thoroughly.cleanse

Aggresive cleansers strip skin for several hours, upsetting the lipid balance in the barrier that protects against dust, pollution and UV rays. Choose gentler, soap-free, non-foaming cleansers, such as milk, balm or gel.

Do the Double Cleanse

This is particularly important at night if you suffer from blackheads. Oil attracts oil, so draw out dirt, pollution and stale make-up by cleansing with an oil or a balm, them use a gel cleanser over the top. This is ideal if you wear SPF, as white pigment may encourage milia(white spots) and breakouts if not removed properly.

Come Clean With:

  1. Aromatic Balm has natural oils to melt away dirt and grime, making pores look fresh.
  2. Oil Cleanser dissolves in water, leaving no greasy residue – just soft skin.
  3. Gentle Gel removes everything in one step. It rinses off so well, and claims to tone, too.
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