Give Your Body a Break

Your body and its organs – from your heart to your liver, your gut to your brain – work hard around the clock to keep you on the go, so learn how to give them a chance to renew, recover and come back fighting fit and better than ever.give your body a break

Your Heart

A normal resting heart rate is considered to be between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Research has found that the higher it is, the greater the risk of cardiovascular fitness by taking regular exercise. Try Deep Controlled Breathing. Take deep, slow breath through your nose for ten seconds, then slowly exhale for ten seconds. This way, you’re engaging the para-sympathetic nervous system, responsible for calming and relaxing you.

Your Gut

Digestion is a demanding task so, every so often lend your gut a helping hand by having a day eating foods that are well cooked – raw food takes more energy to break down. Soups are easy to digest as the fiber has been broken down in them a little. And chew your food really well until it almost liquefies, so it’s easier to digest. Juicing can also gives your tummy some time off. Homemade juices contain soluble fiber, so are easier on the stomach. But remember that juices are a way of adding nutrients to your diet and are not designed to replace meals.

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