How to Avoid Stress?

Anxiety and stress are generally driven by old beliefs. Underneath all the stress we are feeling are thoughts like, ‘I don’t want to fail, I don’t want to be rejected, I don’t want to be hurt.’ Instead of rationalizing these things, we go to that place of fear and begin to panic. Also, when we are stressed, our natural tendency is to go faster. Really, we need to step back, take time to pause, see what’s going on and get things in perspective. You could do this by going for a five-minute walk on your own or having a relaxing bath. Gain that perspective, and you will start to see that a lot of the hectic-ness you are feeling is of your own making.

avoid stress

Tension headaches tend to crop up when we least want them. When we have low magnesium levels, we get tired more quickly. Many studies indicate that there is a relationship between headaches, migraines and low levels of magnesium in the bloodstream. The benefits of magnesium appear to be related to its muscle and nerve-relaxing properties. Bananas and seeds are good sources.

Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of stress, and will help you regain focus and clarity. Take three deep breaths – in through the nose for a count of three, pause, then out through the mouth for a count of five. This slows the pulse and calms the body. You can use an essential oil, too. Place a few drops in the palms of your hands and inhale while you’re taking your deep breaths.

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