Why Do We Need Hearing Check?

We have our eyes checked, but we’re pretty rubbish at having our hearing checked. Well, have you? Most of us associate hearing loss with “being old”, but sooner you seek help, the better your hearing is likely to be for the long-term. Having your hearing checked doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wear a hearing aid.

hearing check

For some people, hearing loss occurs in one ear before the other. When sound is transmitted, it hits one ear before hitting the other a split second later, allowing the brain to work out where the noise has come from, so if one ear is unable to hear, it can be very disorientating.

For many, hearing loss can be isolating when it’s hard to follow what people are saying. Having regular hearing checks means you won’t miss that joke!

Gone are the clunky flesh-colored hearing aids that stick out like a sore thumb. Today’s discreet digital hearing aids are barely visible. And they don’t just turn up the volume, they identify the sounds you want to hear and help filter the rest – perfect for noisy rooms. They learn and remember your settings for different situations and can connect to your TV and even help you answer your mobile phone!

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