How to Overcome Depression?

Depression makes a person weak. It drains energy and hope. If these feelings and thoughts of emptiness, despair and worthlessness are intense, prolonged and overwhelming that you find it difficult or even impossible to function normally and enjoy life like you once did; and you walk around sad and tired for most of the day and going through it is an ordeal, then you are “depressed”. You are suffering from depressive disorder or clinical depression.


In overcoming depression, you must understand what depression is. Depression is an illness! It is the most common of all mental health problems. Researchers estimate that 17 million Americans, or even much more, suffer from depression at some point in their lives.

How to Fight It?

The standard prescribed antidepressants are not the cure. It has been proven that these prescription drugs have serious risks and side effects and cause more harm than good! Depression can be healed naturally and safely! There are also safe and all-natural alternatives to these commonly prescribed drugs, without the side effects or health risks. Their ingredients are all natural and no prescription is needed.

  1. Develop a support system. Ask for help from your family and friends. Let them know your problem and how they can help you. Do not isolate yourself!
  2. Go out and enjoy yourself. Talk to positive and cheerful people who make you laugh (avoid negative people). Visit old friends and reminisce happier times.
  3. Exercise regularly and get adequate sleep.
  4. Eat a well balanced diet and take vitamins regularly.
  5. Change your surroundings. Redecorate your room, make it more colorful.
  6. Learn relaxation and meditation techniques. Take a break from your daily routine which could be monotonous and depressing. If possible, change it.
  7. Get out of your bed in the morning and take a refreshing shower.
  8. Last but not the least, pray!

Don’t depend your happiness to other people. You are in charge of your own happiness. Be happy!

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