What Your Skin Needs at Night?

Sleep is important for skin, making an evening skincare ritual vital. I see women who take skincare seriously, never miss a dermatology appointment, eat healthily but then sleep less than the recommended amount of time. Sometimes the simplest solutions, such as sleep, are the ones we ignore in our belief that everything good for us has to be complicated- it doesn’t.night skincare

While you are sleeping target specific skin problems, from wrinkles to pigmentation. Make sure the first product you apply to clean skin is serum concentrate to treat that particular issue. This allow penetration into the skin to get to where it’s needed. Follow that with an oil or a peptide-packed moisturizer, or both. The idea that skin needs to breath at night is a myth. Sleep is the time when your whole body is regenerating, including skin. Take this opportunity to apply anti-ageing products because they will work hard on your skin while you rest.

Dry skin suits both night cream and oil. However, if your skin looks oily and congested after using a night cream by the fourth morning, try a plant based oil that is quickly absorbed by all skin types.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce creases and moisture loss. Choose a night cream that helps counteract wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity.

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