Skincare Basics

With all of us leading increasingly busy lifestyles, the multitasking trend is reaching dizzying new heights in beauty, with creams and potions that focus on all your needs at once. But there comes a point, and an age, when “more gives you less”. Time to embrace a more targeted skincare regime for you!skincare basics

Women are overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market, what all the various ingredients do and whether they can be mixed together. Hence, they tend to purchase whatever is recommended or what their friend is using, then it ends up in the bathroom cabinet. Most women often skip important steps, such as toning, and only have a skincare routine at the weekend, not bothering during the week.  It’s time to be clear on what products you need for an ageless skin routine.

Night and Day

A basic skincare regime need only comprise a daily cleanse, tone, and moisturize(taking it down to the cleavage). You have the option of an eye cream(many moisturizers can be used around the eye area), a weekly exfoliator and a mask. Next comes the action. Add power-packed boosters, aka serums, to enhance your skin. These can be used twice daily, layered with each other or every other day, as and when needed.

Skin Whitening Forever™

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