Spend your Summer in Kalanggaman Island

It’s very hot during summertime, it’s time for us to relax and have fun with our family and friends. Do you like to visit beaches? There are so many wonderful beaches here in the Philippines. One of it is the Kalanggaman Island. It’s not just an ordinary island, but it is an island with a wonderful white sand. It is a smaller version of Boracay. You can also see wonderful sea creatures like dolphins on your way to Kalanggaman Island. Sometimes, you can also see it on your way home.kalanggaman

Where is it located? It is located in Palompon, Leyte, Philippines. What makes Kalanggaman Island unique is its magnificent sandbars, both stretching at the end of the island. You can do many things in this island, including swimming and snorkeling. You will enjoy watching its majestic underwater gems.kalanggaman

Since the weather in the Philippines is always sunny, you can go to this island any day except when there are typhoons. The months of July to September are usually rainy months and typhoons come within these dates. There is no electricity in the island so your source of light comes from the heavens. It will be so wonderful to watch the nature away from the busy cities.kalanggaman

If you want to spend the night there and leave the next day, you can. Just tell the staff at Liberty Park or your boat service. Make sure you bring enough foods and a blanket. There are available beds for you to sleep in. If you have sleeping bags or tents, that will be better too. There are no mosquitoes in the island so you can sleep safe and sound.

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