Ways on How to Determine your Body Shape

Determining your body shape is the first step in learning how to dress. By knowing it, you will know what kind of clothes will look best on you. We’ll talk on how to examine your body properly. Every woman has a problem areas she would like to cover, as well as positive features she would like to show off. Here are some steps on how to determine your body shape.

1. Pay attention to where you gain weight.

Each body type is prone to weight gain – for example, the thighs or stomach. Know where these areas are.


2. Look yourself in the mirror while wearing as little as possible.
Clothing can cover your body shape. It makes harder to figure out your body shape.watching the mirror
3. Focus on the shape of your torso, pay attention to the contours that extend from the thinnest part of your waist to your rib cage and hip line.torso
4. Determine which parts of your body are the largest and the narrowest.
5. Note your problem areas and your positive features.

By doing this, you will know what kind of clothes you must wear.

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